Twilight Sedation

For many people, despite all advances in pain free dentistry, there still remains a fear of dental procedures. Here at Armadale Dental Centre we are able to offer you the choice of Twighlight Sedation

Twighlight sedation is used to create a drowsy and dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the entire duration of your dental procedure.

It is safer than a general anaesthetic and does not require hospitalisation. A precisely adjusted dose of nitrous oxide and oxygen, commonly known as ‘laughing gas’, modified to each patient’s individual needs is given prior to and during your procedure. You are ready to go home after only a short waking up period. There is no hangover.

  • Twighlight Sedation eliminates the boredom of long or complex sessions and enables you to relax.
  • Twighlight Sedation eliminates fear, anxiety and discomfort and makes the dental experience enjoyable.
  • Twighlight Sedation allows your dental procedures to be more comfortable than you ever thought possible.
  • Twighlight Sedation enables you to receive the dental care you need.